JRS International Limited has been set up on Y-2001, and has market aims in Hong Kong and all of China Our services include Feasibility study, Interior design, Consultancy, Appling to relevant Governments, Construction management , Provision of equipment, Furniture and DECORATION WORKS for Restaurant, Office, Villa, Factory and Merchandise shop etc. Our management policy is client-oriented. Services provided are to meet client’s time, quality and budget requirements.

We have capable and talented personnel who have much experience in the field of Construction and Decoration in All of China and Hong Kong. Together with our company’s partners whose experience is over 30 years, we are very pleased to share information, trends, skills and knowledge specific to the interior design and construction issues. Having understood the needs of the clients from various kinds of businesses through interactive briefings and discussions, we master to turn the needs and requirements onto drawings and documents and to build it in good quality and on time. We have full confidence that the clients will satisfy and trust our products and services very much. Building good relationship is our action for achieving strategic partnership with various clients. Moreover, aftercare services are also one of the strong points. We focus on aftercare services that the as-built elements are maintained in good order to serve the users.

JRS International Limited commits to getting greater achievements, keeping abreast of the world and maintaining good client’s relationship and trustworthiness.

Shizuo Kubo
CEO/Managing Director